FC Lighting + SSL Appoints CDm2 Lightworks as they BC Representative

January 3, 2018 – 5:11 PM

Based in St. Charles, IL (greater Chicagoland area), FC Lighting and SSL (Solid State Luminaires) is pleased to be partnering with CDm2 LIGHTWORKS as the BC Representative.

FC Lighting manufactures architectural LED lighting for high-end aesthetic installations with an incomparable value for quality solutions. FC Lighting has several product lines including, Step Lights, Cylinders, Ingrounds, Pendants, Exterior Decor, Bollards, and Directional Wall for exterior and interior applications. We are proud to be your premier LED solution provider.

Solid State Luminaires excels at architectural linear LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering the most powerful, efficient and versatile luminaire available today. Providing lighting designers and specifiers with a range of optic choices and configurations, SSL has numerous options to specify. SSL LED lighting solutions offer affordability and energy efficiency with a high level of flexibility.

Learn more by visiting: http://www.fclighting.com/.