LIGHTGLASS selects CDM2 as their first representative agent in Canada

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Oct 21, 2020

Based in Philadelphia, LIGHTGLASS is a team of engineers, artists, and scientists on a mission to improve quality of life in the built environment. Their flagship product, Lightglass, improves lives by bringing the experience of daylight into windowless spaces.

“As their first representative in the Canadian market, we are delighted to be partnering with LIGHTGLASS to offer our clients the best in class and most comprehensive suite of architectural solutions to transform windowless spaces.” says Darren Luce, Principal CDM2 LIGHTWORKS.

“Architectural designers are being asked, with increasing frequency, to create spaces that are beneficial for people. It is our responsibility as architectural product designers to facilitate the creation of these beneficial spaces,” says Benjamin Rapkin, Director of Growth for LIGHTGLASS. “We are proud to be partnered with CDm2, a talented and forward-thinking group dedicated to our mission of improving lives with light.”

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