Telus Gardens

British Columbia

Project Details

The TELUS Garden development has radically transformed the heart of downtown Vancouver. The impressive development is home to TELUS headquarters as well as other prominent tech companies in the city. The design is in response to TELUS’ ambitions, and is a beautiful architectural icon of advanced technology, environmental stewardship, and new work styles.

Architectural elements include a spectacular double-height wood-sculpted roof and glass-encased lobby with flourishing gardens, a pristine plaza, cantilevered 4-storey sky gardens, a rooftop forest, expansive green roofs, and LED integrated facade lighting to support graphic animation and videos

The interiors integrate with the overall design and vision of tying in the building’s larger “garden” concept and contributing to the LEED Platinum Certification.

Photography: Robert Stefanowicz

Project Team:


Henriquez Partners

Integral Group

EOS Lightmedia