Project type: Urban

Location: Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada

Client: Macdonald Communities Limited

Sales Agent: CDm2 LIGHTWORKS

Photographer: Matt Lucas


The road to great living in this unique residential community is lit by Lumenpulse Pure and Mobilia luminaires.

The roadways and pathways throughout the Lakestone community use Lumenpulse Area luminaires, the Pure100 and the Mobilia Bollard, to enhance travel safety, adhere to the community’s architectural aesthetic, and provide the precision, high-quality light to keep the lakeside nightscape protected from unnecessary light spill.

The 550-acre residential community is located just outside of Kelowna, British Columbia, on Lake Okanagan, and offers pristine views and access to preserved natural spaces. The lighting used for its site, road, and environment needed to reflect its unique location while also providing access to numerous private and public amenities. The Pure100 and Mobilia Bollards are both energy efficient and designed to limit up-light through precision optics while always remaining stylish.

As seen from a bird’s-eye view, the ground-focused Lumenpulse luminaires keep travel ways evenly and safely lit and allowing the surrounding natural dark to nurture the natural life therein.

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